Beenie Bits: Experience Joy, Revisited

Beenie Bits: Experience Joy, Revisited

December 1, 2018 5 By Beenie Mann

Here we are, the last month of 2018. What a year this has been! So many opportunities/challenges and building blocks/obstacles. So many experiences, growth spurts/heartaches and defeat.

Some who read the above will focus on the positive message and others on the negative. Some will recount all the good and relive the great emotions they felt. Others will remember all the hardship and challenges along with the emotions those brought.

Those who focus and dwell on the positive, raise their vibration.
Those who focus and dwell on the negative, lower their vibration.
Neither is right or wrong. It is up to you what you want to experience. Surely, you have heard the phrase ‘Misery loves company’. Surely, you or somebody you know has experienced that when they are down, more people who are down join in and all dwell on how awful things are.
Same is true for people who are happy. They attract more happy people and rejoice in the positive life has to offer.
I am sure you have also heard the phrase ‘Like attracts like’. Well, the same principle applies. Whatever level you vibrate on, you attract more at that level. The higher your vibration, the better people, things, and circumstances you will attract.

The challenge is to be positive, to focus on the good and stay there.
To end out the year, write down everything you have experienced (2 sheets of paper). Write all the positive on one paper and all the negative on another. For the negative: read each item with gratitude. Be grateful for all you have gotten out of the experience (sympathy from others, not having to do certain things, using it as an excuse, etc.). Give it love. Give it thanks. Burn the paper and release all of it. (I do a breathing exercise along with it) Let it go with love and light.
For the positive: Read it. Feel it. Hold on to it and look at it when you need a ‘picker upper’.
How did it feel when you looked at those negative things with love and gratitude? How did you feel when you let it go? Could you feel your vibration rise?
I used this exercise to let go of my pain. It was very liberating, and I have improved on it ever since. It’s not easy but it is so very worth it.
Let go of all the baggage 2018 has brought along and start 2019 new. Look for the opportunities and lessons vs the obstacles. Get your shift together for your mindset is the control center of your life.

Merry Christmas and the very best 2019!
Love and light