A Photographer’s Point of View: The Wise Spider

A Photographer’s Point of View: The Wise Spider

November 3, 2018 0 By Mike Pach

As I write in the dark on this cold Halloween night and think about the things going on in my life, it’s clear that this photo is fitting in more than one way. Yes, spider webs are connected to Halloween, but what’s not immediately obvious is how the story behind this spider web is a useful metaphor for our lives.

Photographers see differently than most people. We can find fascination in the mundane or beauty in things that others find creepy or spooky. A friend once told me that it must be great to see the world the way I do as she looked at some of my photographs.

Many of you would probably freak out at the site of a spider web. Most of you would probably kill the spider that made it. Some of you might walk right into one without ever seeing it. This web appeared just outside my patio door, and I was amazed by its beauty as soon as I saw it even though it was blocking me from getting into my yard. My first thought was that I needed to photograph it, but because of my busy schedule, I didn’t take the time to do so. It was there for three weeks, and during that time, I kept telling myself I had to get some pictures of it before it was gone.

At one point, I noticed that a hole had formed in it about the size of a golf ball. I was disappointed because I thought it was ruined and that I had missed a great photo opportunity. Much to my surprise, within a couple of days, the spider repaired the hole, and the web was as good as new. Does that remind you of anyone? How many times have you had a hole blown in you by someone you knew or because of an injury or unpleasant experience? Did you think you were ruined or did you fix the hole?

This second chance motivated me to take some photos of the spider web, but I really needed to get into my yard. After taking some pictures, I destroyed it with a broom handle and felt awful about obliterating such a fine piece of artwork and craftsmanship. About a week later, there was a new web in the same place. This is a resilient spider, and a very wise one at that.

A week ago, someone suddenly took away something very important from me that I built from scratch. I was crushed. I hope that I can take a lesson from this spider and rebuild what I have lost.