Beenie Bits: Gratitude

Beenie Bits: Gratitude

November 3, 2018 0 By Beenie Mann

November is the month of Thanksgiving here in America. It is a time we gather together with our families and friends and share all we are grateful for. It is a time that generally makes us feel good and ‘fuzzy’ inside.

The question is, why do most focus on being grateful only this time of year? Gratitude is something that should be practiced and exercised every single day. Every single moment. Why is it so easy for humans to focus and be grateful for all the big things, events and happenings in our lives, yet it seems impossible to appreciate and be grateful for the little things?

There is always something to be grateful for. Even, or especially, when things seem to conspire against us. Many times, in my life, things went seemingly wrong and didn’t turn out at all how I wanted them to. At those times, I felt frustrated, angry, and defeated. For the longest time I held on to the frustration and anger. Internally I kept screaming “Why me?”. The result, more frustrations and disappointments.

Then, one day, I learned about gratitude. Real gratitude. Gratitude beyond the simple ‘Thank You’. One day I learned there is always something positive and to be grateful for in each and every situation. Sometimes, it was big and obvious. Most times it is so small I must dig for it. Other times, it is simply the lesson in what not to do.

Once I realized this, everything started to shift. My anger and frustrations lessened. At first it was hard. I started a gratitude journal and every night before I went to sleep, I wrote down all the things I was grateful for that day. The last few, 3-5, had to be hard and force me to dig deep. After writing them down, I read them out loud. In the morning, right after waking up, I read them out loud again. Now I ended my day and started it on a positive note. My mind started to shift from the negative to a more positive. My days started to get better.

Every time I received a lesson, I learned from it and grew. It is a constant, daily, moment to moment experience.
What are you grateful for each day? It can be gratitude for simply being alive. Gratitude for sunshine, rain, snow, hail, etc. Gratitude for friends, family, co-workers, business partners, etc. Gratitude for your car and all the people and circumstances who created your car. Gratitude for a lesson from an experience that prevented you from making a big mistake. The list goes on…

Today, I am grateful for you. Even though I may not know you personally, I am grateful to have you as part of my life experience. I am grateful for you for reading this column and maybe share what you take away from it with others around you. I am grateful for you, who you are, and all you bring to those around you.

Happy Thanksgiving


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