Beenie Bits: Experience Joy

Beenie Bits: Experience Joy

October 6, 2018 1 By Beenie Mann

The weather seems to be ready for changing. Last week, here in Colorado Springs, we were basking in the sun with temperatures in the 80’s. This week, we are contemplating turning on the heat. Change is inevitable! October is pumpkin, break out the sweater, turn on the fireplace, get ready for the holiday season. Many look forward to the cooler weather and the looming holidays. Some dread it. Either is OK.

October is also the month of Halloween. The time of the year a lot of people dress up as their favorite character. Do you remember when you were a child? What were you on Halloween? Do you remember you didn’t simply dress up as your favorite character? You BECAME that character! With every fiber in your being you believed you were the princess, the pirate, the cowboy/girl, the ghost, or whatever you dressed up as. Do you remember the sword fights you had? The shootouts? Do you remember the magic? The fun?

As we get older, and more mature, we toss those childhood notions and dreams aside. There are more important and practical things to worry about. I get it. Life is serious and doesn’t have room for childish dreams and fantasies. At least this is what we are told and end up telling ourselves. Do you catch yourself looking at kids being kids, living out their fantasies and envy the fact they don’t have to worry about ‘real’ issues? To be free of worry or fear of the future? The bills that need to be paid? The mortgage that is due? Ahhh… to be a kid again…. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Halloween allows us to unleash our inner child and be somebody we perhaps long to be. As grown-ups, we are more prone to dress up as our favorite superhero from the Marvel movies we have seen throughout the year. Or dress up as some other fantasy character. Just for a little while we get to be that kid again and forget about reality. For some, Halloween is their favorite holiday. Nothing wrong with it. It brings a lot of JOY.
What if I told you, you can have this feeling all year long? I am talking about the feeling of joy. We can have joy in our lives all the time. Yes, it is much easier if we experience great fortune and all we want is coming our way. It is easy to feel joy during those times. What about the days, weeks, month when we do what we must to pay our bills and maintain our lifestyle? What about when boredom and the mundane rules our lives? When chores and responsibilities seem to suck the life and joy out of us?
Well, those are the times we need become intentional. Turn off the auto-pilot and take over the controls. Take some time out for yourself to do the things that give you joy. Go for a walk in the crisp air. Take a drive to admire the changing of the leaves. Meditate. Exercise. Read. Go out to a nice dinner or prepare a special dinner at home and invite friends/family over. Make time for you. Take a stroll down memory lane to when you were a child. Remember the fun you had and the joy you felt. Recharge your batteries. Hold on to the feeling.

Tackle each day with a positive attitude and find the joy in what you do. Give it your best and enjoy the feeling at the end of the day you feel by knowing you gave it your best. It doesn’t matter what job or position you hold. You can experience joy buy giving it your best vs simply doing the minimum to get by. It is a choice and the choice is yours. Enjoy life and have fun. Always be grateful. It will raise your vibration and you will attract more at the level you vibrate on.
Put on your cape, your tiara, or crown. You are the super(s)hero, King, or Queen of your life. Have fun this Halloween!

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