Beenie Bits: Talk About CHANGE

Beenie Bits: Talk About CHANGE

September 1, 2018 1 By Beenie Mann

With Fall fast approaching, let’s talk about change. No, not the change of the weather season. The change I am talking about, is changes in our lives. Any aspect of our lives and why most are so reluctant to embrace them…

The vast majority of people resist to change because they fear loss and the unknown. Both are very powerful. If life is miserable and not bringing you joy but you know a small change and adjustment could make a huge a difference and improve your circumstances, why not take a chance? What do you have to lose?

We are not talking changing everything and all at once. How about working on one habit at a time. Consciously and on purpose? Will it be uncomfortable and challenging? Probably but not for very long. We are so worried that we will have to give up something that is familiar and feels ‘safe’. Why? If what and how you do things right now make you miserable and take away from your happiness, what do you have to lose? Nothing really, right?!

When it is time to make a change to better your life and circumstance, instead of worrying about all that could go wrong and the things you might lose, focus on the outcome you would like. In our dreams and our imagination money, time, circumstance are non-existent. So, why not imagine the best possible outcomes and possibilities?

Instead of imagining rain, despair and scarcity why not imagine sunshine, joyfulness and abundance. The effort is the same. The outcome…. Totally different! Try it. You have nothing to lose! In your head, play out the best case and worst case scenarios and pay attention to your emotions and feelings. Which feel better? Which ones would you like to feel on a consistent base?

Many years ago, I too was hesitant about change. Kind of funny considering my husband was active duty Army and change was a constant. I had the privilege to go to a spouse leadership conference. At that conference I won a book that made a huge impact and changed the way I felt and was feeling about change. The name of the book? Who Moved my Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

At the time I was very much like two of the characters in the story… Hem and Haw. I knew if I’d change just a little here and there, my life would drastically improve. However, just like Hem and Haw, I was focusing on all the things that could go wrong and what I could lose. This little story had a huge impact on the way I thought about life and in particular… CHANGE. If you are not sure where to start, start with that book.

These days, change is my friend. I anticipate it and I welcome it. Change is no longer scary and I welcome it with open arms. Because change is now my friend, great things are happening in my life. It can happen for you too!! Nobody expects you to make super drastic changes right out of the gate. However, if that’s what you want to do, go for it!

You can start with something small and low risk. You could start with your bedtime or morning routine. Maybe go to bed a little earlier. Maybe just 30 min earlier. It’s a small change but the impact could be tremendous!

Don’t be afraid of change. More times than not, it will add and enhance your life as well as move you into a direction you want to go.

You are not afraid of the seasons changing, are you? You know after summer comes fall, after fall comes winter followed by spring and then summer again. However, you don’t know when the weather will change, if it will be very hot or very cold, wet or dry. Will it be a mild winter or a harsh one. Just like the weather, our lives, circumstances and desires change. Certainly, you have dreams and hopes. We all do. The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be a distant dream. There are tools available for all of us to use and to help us get what we want and take us where we want to go.

Change is good. Sometimes we simply have to take aim, close our eyes, jump and trust it will work out. More often than not, it will work and a lot of times, the outcome is better than anticipated.

You are stronger and braver than you think. I believe in you.

Ready to change your thinking? Start here.