Beenie Bits – “What is Happiness”

Beenie Bits – “What is Happiness”

August 5, 2018 0 By Beenie Mann

What is happiness?

Is happiness the same as contentment? If not, what’s the difference? How do we know if we are content or happy?
Great question, and opinions vary widely. Consider this:
For a very long time I thought I was happy, because I was content with my life and myself. The two terms seemed interchangeable. Being content meant being happy. And because I thought I was happy, I was content. But was I? Are you?
For myself, being content means making the best of a situation so it will work for me. Being content means basic needs are met, with added elements to make it fun. Contentment feels peaceful. It feels calm. It feels safe.
Happiness, on the other hand, is an emotion that makes my whole body light up and puts a giant smile on my face. Happiness feels like the biggest, brightest, and best vibration, the vibration I want to send out to the universe.
Are you familiar with the saying, “Misery loves company”? The feeling of misery is energy vibrating at a very low level. Vibrations resonate with whatever possesses identical frequency. This means our thoughts are inseparably connected to the rest of the universe. “Like attracts like.”
The truth is, nothing and nobody can make you happy or unhappy. You alone have the power to be happy. Happiness is a choice! It is not a thing, a circumstance, or a person or outside influence. Only you can make that choice. Let that sink in.

You alone have the power over your happiness.

Happiness is an inside job.

WOW! Once this sunk in for me, my whole world changed. I’m not saying everything is hunky dory all the time. I’m saying I have a new appreciation of what is happening to and around me. Because I come from a place of deep-rooted happiness, I am able to deal with and manage better what life has in store for me. Since I choose happiness, I have more good experiences, good people, and good things coming my way.
Once you have discovered and chosen your happiness, you will notice more of the positive and brighter things in every situation. Not only will you bounce back more easily when you have been knocked down, you will get up faster.
When you choose happiness, you notice more positive and pleasant things in your life. You feel uplifted by happiness. Your outlook on life changes. Trust me when I tell you, life is much more fun viewed through the lens of happiness versus the lens of despair.
Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. Find the joy, beauty, or lesson in everything. Let happiness be the vehicle you drive on your journey of life. It is your journey. Take command of the driver’s seat. Choose your direction. I have taken some wrong turns, and still do on occasion. But being in charge of my journey empowers me to change direction at will. You have this power, too.

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