Ask Dr. Vicki: Chiropractic for Pets

We ️♥ our fur babies! Have you thought of chiropractic for your pooch?

Humans go to the chiropractor for back and neck pain, why not for your pet? Most people will first take their pets to the veterinarian when their furry friend shows signs of back pain.

In older pets, arthritis is a common ailment. What is usually prescribed from the veterinarian? Pain medications, anti- inflammatory medications and sometimes steroids. They are not a cure and they also have some significant side effects. The standard is to prescribe the medications so they can keep moving and continue to be active. They are also needed on a consistent basis, and are not a permanent solution. There are other options.

Chiropractic care for your pets is not a new concept, although most people haven’t even thought it was a “thing”. The chiropractic adjustment is non-invasive and very effective method for improving movement in the spine and hips. The adjustment also reduces pain and inflammation of the spinal joints and muscles.

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