A Letter From The Editor: The Look of Love

Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s… whichever you call the holiday, February is full of all things romance and love. But what does that mean to you? While we usually take the opportunity to celebrate a significant other or best friend in our life, do you also celebrate your love for yourself? Not only can this be your love for your self as a person and mental and emotional wellbeing, but also loving yourself by taking good care of our physical self. February is the time that cardiovascular awareness and heart health are forefront.

This month we invite you to not only focus on relationships with loved ones, but also with yourself. Of course, chocolate, which is often given at this time of year, is connected to both hearts: the emotional love and the physical health! We have recipes and articles for you.

Enjoy your loved ones, yourself, some chocolate, and our great articles!


Podcast: A Photographer’s Point of View

A Letter from the Editor: A New Year

Happy New Year!

The holidays are over, and hopefully the associated stress. Now is the time we often try to have a fresh start, make resolutions, and set goals. We have a lot of articles this month to help you do this in a healthy way. The important thing to remember is to celebrate all successes, no matter how small, and to not stress yourself out over these “changes”; otherwise your goals will seem impossible to achieve.

Here’s wishing you happiness and health in 2019!


Podcast: Get Your Shift Together!

Beenie and Stevie gab about Matters of Perspective, self talk (we all talk to ourselves, right?), and getting your Mind Shift together. Listen to Beenie as she explains how she accelerated through the 10 Day Mental Diet.


Podcast: Journaling

What is Journaling? Haven’t a clue? Well, Stevie Winsborrow and Tabby Hinderaker are going to take you down the path to Journaling. You’ll learn there are no rules and forgiveness.
2018 11 30 Ep 19

A Letter from the Editor

♪♫♬   “Christmastime is here”… ♪♫♬

And with that comes parties, decorations, gifts, cards, events, obligations, stress, headaches…

This season, don’t forget to breathe, not take on too much, and enjoy the season.  Don’t let it zoom by without having celebrated the holidays with your friends and family.  We have lots of articles to help you do just that.

From all of us here at Align Body and Soul digital magazine,  a very sincere Happy Holidays!

Podcast: Forest Bathing

Hey! Grab your Loofa! We’re going Forest Bathing. Tamara of Become Your Own Guru explains Forest Bathing. How you receive spiritual guidance from Nature. Have you ever tried Earthing? Don’t forget your towel.

Podcast: Reduce Stress with Outdoor Exercise!

Stevie has a conversation with Renee Thomas creator of Body & Mind Strong. Is outdoor exercise beneficial in reducing stress? Does gardening fit in the same category?

Podcast: Sustainable Living

Dave chats with Stevie about sustainable living.


November Issue: A Letter From The Editor

Thanksgiving.  That time of year when we gather ’round the table to give thanks, and then a few hours later run out for the Black Friday sales to get what we don’t already have.

Gratitude is something we should practice every day of the year. Often we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to stop and appreciate the little things. In this hustle and bustle of modern life, keeping up with the Jones’s, getting the latest iPhone (even though the one we have works just fine), and the like, we can overlook all of the more subtle niceties in life. Stop and smell the flowers, be grateful for your family, and even appreciate the tiniest of things.

We have some great articles from Beenie, Tamara, Dave and Tabby focusing on helping you to do just that. In addition,  Monica, Renee and myself offer tips for getting through the holidays and colder weather. And don’t forget to check out great reads from Dana, Noelle, Stacy, Mike and Margo.

Happy Thanksgiving and with gratitude,